Try one of the "budget" Rolleicords Jim w/ a Triotar lens. If you like sharper, try a somewhat more expensive one w/ a Xenar. $150 tops should get the latter, less for the former. They're light and very well made. My experience w/ 'blads is that they are nice studio cameras, relatively big and heavy, quirky, and not nearly as portable and fast to use as a 'cord. Bit noisy too, but wait till you try one of the old Bronicas w/ the Nikkor lenses. Ka Pow! If you must have interchangeable lenses, then this wouldn't work of course.The TLR's shutter are essentially noiseless. My Triotar is just fantastic for portraits, as it has a real sharp center and very nice bokeh. I had no idea the Rolleicords were so welll made and took such fine photos. Much simpler cameras than the Rolleiflex models. Heck, try an Autocord for small money too. Bigger and heavier than the "cord, but what a lens!