I have a 85 mm 1.4 Ais manual focus lens (#199293) as good as new. A very nice piece of Nikon glass. I bought it several years ago but never used it, since I'm more a wide angle guy and don't like making portraits. I'm going through my lenses right now and will sell some shortly to get some money for new equipment. This lens will have to go as well.

The glass is excellent, also the body. No oil leaks, no scratches, no fungus. I wonder if this lens if ever used at all. Comes with original front and back cover.


Since I never used it, I can't tell you what this kind of lenses is capable of on a MF Nikon camera loaded with B&W film. To make sure the aperture rings work properly, I tried it on my Digital Nikon D200 (I didn't say that out loud, did I??). As a small and very unprofessional test, I made one simple shot indoors of an old (but still working) Nikon F body lying around and a quick one in my garden. These images came straight out of the camera - no Photoshop tinkering added (only resized for internet).


I'll put it up for sale here first at APUG. My asking price is Euro 475 + shipping. This is about USD 625 + shipping. An extra donation to APUG is on my account.
Let me know if you're interested and what offer you want to make me, before I put it up for sale on that e***.com site. Shipping will be from The Netherlands, Europe. Shipping rates are Euro 20 within Europe and Euro 25 worldwide. Payment in Europe please bank transfer using IBAN/BIC code (avoiding Paypal costs). Rest of the world Paypal possible. Shipping + Paypal costs for buyer. Sold AS IS since I'm not a store or dealer.

If you have any questions please email me: gemeentehuis [AD] gmail com