i believe RISD teaches a handful of alt-courses, but not emulsion making.
while taking a workshop at GEH would be a wonderful experience, workshops
which last a few days often cost as much as an entire course at a university ( which last 7 to 9 weeks? ).

when i was a college student ( 1980s ) there were no alt process courses, just silver / trad. darkroom
and i taught myself how to make a simple emulsion ... no internet, no workshop, no mentor ...
just a manual from around 1904.
it was great fun, and an eye opener! but i later used liquid emulsions from a local store
which was much more consistent ( to say the least ).

taking a FULL SEMESTER on making an emulsion ... and USING IT would be a great course IMHO ...
as much ALT and FUN as anything else out there ...