Making a print that big from anything shy of an immaculate 8x10 sheet of film is equivalent to hitting
a moth with your windshield going 85 mph. It's a pretentious fad going ape right now in galleries and public venues at us totally dependent upon the "normal viewing distance" myth. If anything deserves to
be blown up big, it should have truly dramatic social consequences, and hey, that ole fuzzy shot of the
Marlboro Man has been blown up twenty feed wide many thousands of times, and has indeed probably
killed more people than any other photograph in history, so I guess it would count. And now vintage
works are being blown up by generations who have no knowledge of what the original photographer
might have intended - no respect for either their own style or era. Disgusting! But just give it a few more years and every esthetic lemming out there will be blindly following some other silly trend, which
will probably consist of Minox contact prints next time around!