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An event photography I met a few years ago always used 1 or 2 layers of mat acetate over his flash.
I know this is apparently a rudimentary issue, but I am still in two minds whether acetate diffusion will make much difference at these distances. I think that diffusion scatters light; in a small room that may cause light to reach the subject from different angles (a bounce effect if you like). But in a cavernous convention hall, any non-direct light would likely be lost. In fact, my home made light sphere wannbe works extremely well in a typical room of a house, but looking at some of my event pictures, it really didn't change the look of any pictures compared with ones I took without it. My conclusion thus far is that I need something to enlarge the size of the light source; I was thinking something like a 10x10 softbox on the flash, but that gets me back to my auto sensor issue. And even that may not make much of a difference.

One photographer at the Knoxville event who knew what he was doing actually used two strobes with umbrellas, providing a large, soft area of light and greatly mitigating any shadows behind the models, but in a small photo area with many photographers at the location, there is a limit to how many people can do that. I am usually there for only one or two designers, and believe that others have a better demand on the space. Hence my desire to brainstorm on what might be the best solution for a small light on a camera bracket.