Hello, I started to repair my Ansco Speedex due to the fact that the shutter wouldn't fire. I removed the shutter and realized I didn't have the tools needed to attempt a repair so input it aside and collected all the tools I needed. I'm back at it and have done some adjusting to get the shutter cock to fire correctly but the leaves move so slow and I feel like they are extremely gummed up. I soaked the entire shutter in methyl alchohol for a few days and haven't had any luck loosening them up. There is still one lens element attached to the shutter which I haven't been able to remove yet but am working on it.

Should I remove this last element and try to direct apply methyl or lighter fluid to the shutter leaves? Or am I missing something else entirely?

Also, if I can't fix the shutter where/who would have a shutter to part with?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Justin Shaw Steele