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Although Tim claims that it is not possible, I think it is. And here is my lame attempt to do so. I think it all comes from someone in this exchange using German language. "sending something by mail" in German is "etwas per Post schicken" and there you have it, some poor soul forgot about the 's' in schicken and so it got chicken.

Wow, I am new round here, and taking part in my first "Let's all shoot one camera" and I thought is was based on the old adage, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch". I love that it based on a semantic nuance...haa

Well I guess I should add a chicken comment. We had chickens when I was a kid. Great times! One of the best names of the many chickens we had was Plain Pig and Orange Pig. Both hens couldn't stop eating, one was drab and gray (Plain Pig) the other was drab and gray but with a little orange on her feathers (Orange Pig)......I know, not as funny as the rest of you are....but oh well, gotta add my chicken namess to the thread....I've tons more