Hello there!

I've just started printing lith with some old developer (age unknown, the bottle's been opened for at least a few years) and some Adox MCP and some Orwo-paper. Both papers work in lith (the orwo paper has a shorter development time, approx 8 minutes, while the Adox paper needs 11-13 minutes) but I'm lacking the lith effects of this process.

The Adox paper easily gets peppery/uneven in the highlights, and to some degree in the midtones as well. In tone, it get's a bit warm, and after trying some selenium toning it reacted more and faster (losing a bit of the warm tone, growing darker) than when developed in Dektol. I've been able to achive a much stronger contrast with lith developer than with Dektol, which is nice.

The Orwo paper (only tried one negative, tho) developed slightly green-ish and slightly warm shadows, and neutral whites. Haven't tried toning it in selenium yet.

I'm currently using Fotospeed LD20, mixed at 50ml+450ml/50ml+450ml and with some really old brown and also some weak old brown from my first printing session. 'Some' in this case is between 100-200 ml.

I'd like my lith prints to become more...lith. More colors, perhaps more grainy (I know that the grain is depending on the grain size of the paper, tho)...just anything. Any ideas on what to try next? Another paper, diluting the developer..?