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Ham is Schinken in German. Now that you have the camera, you have to sacrifice a ham.
And the 'Sch' is not pronounced like in School but rather like "Shinken". OK, keeping that in mind here comes my ham duty:

There is some kind of martial arts called Ken Shin Kan (I think) and I once saw an advertising poster where they wrote it wrong and advertised a sport called Shin-Ken. Well when I saw it I thought THAT might be an interesting kind of sports to punch ham and then afterwards ... eat it? And if I think about competitions where the fighters are introduced in the ring ... think of: "Welcoooooooooooooome Heinriiiiiiiiiiiich the ham hammer Schmidt!" ... oh no, I should stop here, it is not easy to play with words in a foreign language. But at least I could contribute something about ham

I will chicken the camera to the next one on the list in the next few days as I took the images last weekend ... Oh, just to make sure that I did it right everyone was supposed to take 10 images?