Last Friday (3rd of May), while I was in Spain, two persons broke into our house and carried off some equipment. It was probably the same two drug addicts that broke in ten weeks ago and got caught (resulting in nothing more than probation so they left the court after the trial). They went for the stuff that looked modern and big which meant that I got to keep all Hasselblad and Leica stuff (They choose a Nikkor-H 300/4.5 and left a Leica 35/1.4 ASPH !).
I am trying to recover the serial numbers on the 200 and the Noblex.

Stolen equipment:
Nikkor 200/2.0 Ais if-ED - They took the lens and left the case so any observation of a caseless lens like this is interesting
Noblex Pro 6/150 U - again, they left the case but took the slow time module and the viewfinder
Nikkor 85/1.4 Ais - This was once dropped and the lens hood bent inwards. This was corrected with a pair of pliers and is easy to spot
Nikkor-H 300/4.5
Nikon F4E

There are probably more items missing.
The items where stolen in Lund in Sweden.