Hello Everybody,

I am returning to analogue photography after lengthy hiatus. And I've discovered to my dismay that the film developer that I used almost exclusively for years starting is the 70s, FG7, is no longer available. (I might add that before FG7, I used Harvey's 777 in small tanks with complete success.) Spending several hours on the internet has suggested that Harry Champlin's Number 16 was a likely starting point for FG7. I've dug out my copy of Champlin on Fine Grain and found that Champlin 16 contains Tironamine-C which is apparently the same as Triethanolamine and Chlorhydroquinone which is very difficult to find and very expensive. I've also discovered in The Darkroom Cookbook that the developing properties of Chlorhydroquinone "roughly correspond to those of a mixture of hydroquinone with 5% of metol." Since Champlin 16 calls for 50 grams of Chlorhydroquinone, would I be correct in assuming -- at least as a starting point -- 50 grams of hydroquinone and 2.5 grams of metol would be a reasonable beginning?

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.
For those of you who have not recently looked at the formula for Champlin 16, it goes as follows:

Water : 800ccs
Sodium Sulphite: 100 grams
Chlorhydroquinone: 50 grams
Tironamine-C: 60ccs
Water to make 1000ccs

My thanks to those of you who can help me on this.