Hello folks,

I recently purchased some Rollei RPX 400 for occasions when I need something faster than Ilford Delta 100 wich is nowadays my main film in 120. However, I forgot to take with me the information sheet on a trip and when wondering how to expose it, I treated it similarly as I used to treat TriX and shot it at ISO 250 (or 320 for one roll). Now that I looked at the charts on Maco's website as well as in the Massive Dev Chart, there are only times for films shot at iso 400 and higher and I am wondering how shoudl I develop my rolls...

I have currently at hand Rodinal, D76, Perceptol (I think) and some Beutler. And Moersch Tanol which I use for my LF negatives.

Could you please help me with any suggestions?

Thanks very much!