If it's good, it must be said; if it's VERY good, I gladly put it on a forum:

I have a Thinktank Retrospective 30, very pleased with it, BUT it developed a small problem at the strap: the stitch came loose on a length of about 2 cm, and I suppose it will go further; have a look at the picture:

s_2013-05-01 08.05.20.JPG

I contacted the people at Thinktank USA (IIRC) last Wednesday (May 1st), on Friday 3th I received a mail from the local distributor in the Netherlands, and today, Tuesday May 7th, I received a brand new Retrospective 30 !

Note: I bought it from the Internet, not locally, and I can keep the defective bag !

That's what I call a great service !