Some extra info about the lens (as requested off line).

I have only the lens and the 2 lens caps. No box, no papers, no lens hood.

I think this lens is mechanically like new.The focusing ring runs smoothly and the aperture ring also and clicks nicely at every stop. If you keep the lens into a bright light an open the aperture full, you can see some small dust inside the lens. But this won't affect the lens functioning well. I tried to make a photo of it but it is hardly noticeable and the image only showed dust on my own sensor (needs a clean).

I believe it will work well at portrait shoots. My daughter wouldn't sit as a model but allowed me to photograph her from behind. I include the image for you all to see/check. It was made with my digital Nikon D200 rather fast (didn't check for white balance, etc.) out of hand at f1:4. This file came straight out of the camera, no Photoshop added in any way (no color corrections, no filters, no sharpening, ...). I only resized from 300 dpi to 150 dpi to reduce the file size of the image for internet. Not a very good shot maybe, but it will give you an idea.


Shipping charges are for registered mail with insurance up to Euro 500.

If there are any further questions please let me know.