An update...

I have increased the concentration and decreased the amount of of citric acid in order to lessen the dilution of final volume of SN+CA used for coating.
I have mixed %50 citric acid. (you can dissolve up to 70grams of CA per 100ml)

I added 1 drop of %50 CA per 0,5ml of SN.

So roughly to coat 8x10 inches area it is 1,5ml SN + 3drops of %50 CA. (The optimum amount of SN might change with paper so consider it as a guide only)

I left the coated paper in 27C %60RH condition for an hour. There was no fogging. If fogging happens it happens before the paper gets dry, so I believe the amount of CA is safe.
Maintaining the solution used for coating around the optimum volume would help IMO.The coating would be easier and less prone to problems because it would require less brush strokes or less passes with glass rod.