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Re 122 Film

The issue we have is that is removed from the ISO standards.

Do not worry, we will find out the correct size by the time we cut it !.

Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Hey Simon, this is great! I know this run is much greater than in the last with so many specialized sizes, so thank you!

That said, if you see a pattern where some film doesn't sell (can't see how but just as an example) would you consider making some kind of company statement about every... 3-5 years having a more extensive run? So even if it won't work out that there's enough to do it every year, that as a company you will commit to continued runs SI ce you're the only provider? Even if it's only every few years?

Just wondering if that can be done (with an actual published predicted list of special runs).

Thanks. Hope that was clear.

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