Dear Stone,

The reason why we do the ULF run once per annum is to minimise costs and especially waste and by doing that we can cover the additional costs and justify offering this as a service, it is very, very expensive to make in such small numbers and 'manually' integrate this into the production systems and schedules. It is why I have to have the senior managements approval every year to run the ULF programme. BUT it is a also very important that we do it because this area of the market, the people especially, are very dedicated and produce some of the most special and important images in silver based photography, and it follows they are therefore customers with a specific need that needs to be addressed... so I cannot ever envisage HARMAN technology not doing it.

The list this year will be the biggest ever, I cannot think it could possibly expand very much further or that we could ever agree to do even more specialist items even once every two or three years.

I hope that answers your question.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :