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But just give it a few more years and every esthetic lemming out there will be blindly following some other silly trend, which will probably consist of Minox contact prints next time around!

In my tiny little photo corner of the world, it is really difficult to say no when somebody wants the equivalent of a 4.5x3 foot print from one of my 35mm negatives. I don't sell much work, especially recently, but was approached by somebody who wanted a print from one 35mm negative as three vertical pieces, each 1.5 x 3 feet, where all three sections together work out to be 60x36" panel, with the same crop as my original 18x12" print, except for the 3inch space between each section... I ended up telling him no, even though it was a good opportunity. Perhaps I should have sold it that way, to make some money back from this vocation, but silly me thought my integrity was more important. I'll probably regret it.

I can understand why McCurry wouldn't mind selling a 60x40 print. As long as he gets paid for it and he doesn't mind having his pictures exist in that size, good for him!