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Dear All,
As you know I advised that we would release all the information relating to the 2013 ULF and Custom Film manufacture via a press release by the end of April.
Just to update you we are still working through with our distributor and reseller partners some details they need before we can release the details via press release, so its likely the press release will go out week beginning May 6th 2013.
I apologise for this short delay.
Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Hello Simon,
I was curious if things were going as planned and if the press release will come out this week?
I couldn't find yet it at http://www.ilfordphoto.com/pressroom/ or am I looking at the wrong site?
I can understand this isn't an easy project fot you guys, so thank you for all the hard work !!

And may I suggest that everyone, who is getting film through this ULF-2013 sends one print to Ilford (attn. Simon R. Galley) just as a thank you for still being committed to B&W film in non-commercial formats, thus keeping our hobbies alive?