Hello Everybody,

Thank you all for your very thoughtful responses. And in response to some of what has been said, may I add that Champlin 16 was intended to be used 1 to 9 with water or, preferably, a 10% sodium sulphite solution. Mike, does that take care of your concerns? I don't follow your comments about no formal restrainer (ignorance on my part), hence this question.

Ironically, given Dr. Lowe's comments, it has long been thought/guessed that Champlin 16 was the basis for FG7...I'm not criticizing Dr. Lowe, here; he was a fine and good photo chemist; and much of what Champlin did/wrote, was, indeed, a bit odd. But, Champlin 16 seems to be rather better founded than much of his other work. And, as I just said, C 16 is thought by some to have been the basis for FG7.

It was the 3rd edition of the Darkroom Cookbook from which I got the chlorhydroquinone equivalency; so, hopefully, it's accurate.

I would be tempted to go back to 777 except that I probably won't be developing enough film to keep it viable.
I know the Unblinking Eye thread on 777; in fact, the Instructions/time and temperature sheets that are posted there were my contribution to the discussion. At that time, I didn't have a scanner, so one of the college secretaries scanned it for me. I've always wondered why I wasn't given credit...Oh well, I wasn't one of the chosen few.

Mike, may I ask how you modified the 777 formula (Germain's if I remember correctly) given on the Unblinking Eye site?

By the way, I switched to FG7 on the advice (in an article, I didn't know him) of W. Eugene Smith. He felt that contemporary (in the 70s) emulsions responded better to FG7 than 777. Also, for the humble, 777 was becoming very difficult to get...a situation that still obtains. Has anyone checked with Photographer's Formulary to see if their 777 is the formula from the Unblinking Eye site or did they license it from Bluegrass?

I'm off tomorrow to the four days of the Standard Schnauzer National Specialty cluster of shows. I'll take along some of the volumes from The Complete Photographer on developer formulation. There's a long article on developers and developing by Harold Harvey that is the best thing I've ever read on the subject. Most of what little I know about film developing I learned from HH.