I agree, the FM2n was a great second camera to my F3.
I don't know if I mentioned this in the ad (don't think so) but I chose to liquidate my SLR equipment because the reality was that for 35mm film my needs are met by my Hexar AF and Yashica Electro. Simple cameras, but for how I shoot 35mm they are perfect. I am not a collector, and when I find myself with an abundance of "surplus" camera equipment I go through purging phases to remind myself that I am indeed NOT a collector.

I started with the F3 and a 50mm and it just spiraled out of control so quickly because I wanted all these extra bits and pieces.

Anyways, you all know how great these cameras are, same with the lenses, and I do hope that this all finds a good home and quickly too. I am definitely open to offers because in order to proceed with the piece of equipment I actually DO need for my trip this June I have to sell the rest of this gear first.

Thanks everyone!