150mm f/6.3 Computar Symmetrigon
with original lens shade, in Copal #1 shutter
$187.50 or best reasonable offer

This lens is in beautiful condition. Other than some dust, there are no blemishes whatsoever on the glass that I can see.

The shutter looks great too; the combo looks like it's barely been used. The shutter sounds a bit fast but very consistent, so I'm going to test the speeds and send the data along to the buyer.

Comes with front and rear caps and retaining ring.

Light-weight, weighs in at about 12 oz, so figure about 2 lbs shipping weight from Zip Code 90027.

I wait until PayPal actually clears to my bank account before shipping; this should take about 3 days. I'll email with Priority Mail delivery confirmation (tracking) number when it's shipped.