210mm f/6.3 Computar Symmetrigon
in Copal #1 shutter
$187.50 or best reasonable offer

This lens is in excellent condition. Other than some dust, there are some tiny specs on the front element. There is a cluster of these specs in the middle of the front element. There is also a Nikon L1Bc filter on the front element that has some specs and scratches in it; I believe it's there mainly to protect the lens. There is a little bit of paint loss around the rim of the front element, probably from friction when the filter is screwed on.

Other than some dust, the rear element looks great to me.

All in all, I believe that these flaws are not enough to affect performance, but I really have to disclose this sort of thing. On the bright side, this lowers the asking price.

The shutter looks great, like it's barely been used. The shutter sounds like the speeds are within range and consistent; I'm going to test the speeds and send the data along to the buyer.

Shutter has its retaining ring, but there are no caps.

Weighs in at about 1 lb. 2 oz, so figure about 2.2 lbs shipping weight from Zip Code 90027.

I wait until PayPal actually clears to my bank account before shipping; this should take about 3 days. I'll email with Priority Mail delivery confirmation (tracking) number when it's shipped.