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...Rather than hoping and begging (possibly in an annoying way) for ilford to MAYBE produce the film I need (for example the 70mm perforated that we thought wasn't going to be made, so I sold one of my 70mm perforated backs, only to find out after that you will now be making it after all... ) [dont worry I have 2 of them, this is just an example, and I'll still be buying the 70mm perf].

Does this make sense now? Am I wrong that this would be a mutually beneficial thing to be able to plan for ahead of time?


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When I had found out that Ilford was not going to produce 70mm perforated, I wrote to this thread with the question to Simon. As he did not answer within a reasonable period, I had to buy 5 x 50' rolls of Kodak 2405 in Canada... Of course, I am still interested in fresh HP-5, but I wish I new about the Ilford plans a little bit earlier, especially after they had announced that they were not going to produce such size...