Kodak's production of B&W papers was proportionaly very low in comparison to their colour papers. As has been said elsewhere they weren't at the cutting edge of these materials and had lost market share very heavily since the 1960's.

OK so Ilford's Mexican agency has gone, but perhaps another wholesaler or dealer can import it, and you can also buy it direct from the UK.

One thing that is happening is the growth of specialist distributors here in Europe and also in America, and they will specialise predominantly in Mail order and sales via the Internet.


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Bad news for Mexico, unless I'm wrong, what I hope, Kodak is the only one company in this country that has a production and distribution of analog photographic products. The rest, or are focus in mass consumer products, or work through third party distributors. The case of Ilford, after the "financial corrections", there is no distribuitor here.