Yankee adjustable cut film tank - Is actually not adjustable, its glued at 4x5, it didn't stay put to well. It can be undone, just slide a flat knife in there, I've done it a few times.

Yankee 4x5 hanger type tank - With floating lid, and cover. Fits nice and tight.

Steel Kodak hangers x6

All served me well for a while, but my film grew in size to 8x10!

Whole lot for $45 Shipped, or BEST OFFER.

Burke and James Orbit - Seriously beat up looking, but everything functions just fine. Movements are all good, bellows are light tight, just a touch of wear in the corners in about 5 spots. Could use a bit of paint and some knobs. Or not. I bought it pretty much like this in 2008. Ground glass included.

$35 ...I'd much prefer local pick up, this thing is pretty heavy, and I'm not sure if it would be worth paying to ship. but if you are interested, PM me, or better yet email me,and I can weigh it up, and try to figure out shipping.

As always, all offers entertained, heh.


mattmosh at mattmosh dot com

(File names imply there is a goalie involved. I assure you there is not.)