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Dear Henning,
Thank you very much for your elaborate explanation! So I will order some Provia 100F to try it out...
Benjamin, you are welcome!

In addition to using Provia 100F, I also recommend using Provia 400X as an Astia 100F replacement.
It makes sense in several applications. For example skin tone rendition of 400X is excellent and very similar to Astia 100F.
I am using 400X regularly for portrait and fashion, and the results are always excellent.
400X has also this little bit more saturation in red compared to Provia 100F, which also Astia 100F has.
That is clearly seen in comparison shots under norm light using the (Kodak) color test chart.

Provia 400X is an excellent all around film. To my long experience (I am using it since its introduction 2007) one of the best general purpose color films ever made.
I've shot landscapes, Portrait, fashion, wildlife (animals), architecture and air-shows with it.
And the results have always been excellent!

As you are (mainly) using medium format, grain is no issue at all. 400X is extremely fine grained for its speed, and as said in one of my earlier postings, projecting it on 1m x 1,5m is no problem at all with 35mm film, and with medium format, well, project it as big as you want....2m, 3m, 4m width, it doesn't matter.
In medium format 400X is my most used color film (saying that as "a real film shooter" = someone who regularly uses all types of film: colour and BW reversal, colour and BW negative, instant film) .

Best regards,