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I posted here a year ago looking for an "8x10 camera in any condition as long as it shoots" and someone graciously mailed me a functional but battered 8x10 (you know who you are!) That's served me well but is less than reliable and kind of coming apart at the seams. So I'd like to find a replacement, preferably something made less that 100 years ago. My budget is tiny so I'm looking for a beater but something which is stiff and capable of holding some larger lenses.

If anyone has something booting about please let me know.

Hello, I have a 8x10 Rembrandt Studio Camera with 8x10 back and several reducing backs, 8x10 > 5x7, 8x10> 4x5. The camera is made by B&J. The backs fit the B&J 8x10 also. If still interested, give me a shout and I'll send pics along with full dispcription and price. Shipping would be from Canada.