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Rocks & Roots Restaurant Change

As many as five of us have met at Nelson Kennedy Ledges, roughly an hour east of here for early morning hikes and shoots. On a great suggestion from Peter’s wife we went to a delicious place called Randall’s in Garrettsville, OH for lunch.

Today, Saturday, Dolly went to a writer’s lecture at the library in Garrettsville. We tried Randall’s for Saturday lunch and found it closed even though the hours posted said it should be open. His garish looking motorcycle was parked in the owner’s slot. The doors were locked and the lights were out.

We found a pretty good substitute a couple of blocks away that will keep you from starving. Sean’s Pub and Eatery, 8105 Main St., is a tavern from the 1800s with 10x10 posts and beams. Good food was in abundance. Not the exotic stories of Randall’s, but a good meal.

While Dolly was at the lecture I went up to Middlefield to the Amish Cheese Co-op. The extra sharp white cheddar is very good. Driving through Middlefield on the way back I saw a personal first, a Wal-Mart with 15 Amish buggies hitch to a rail along the side. There is a picture there I am sure.

=) Lynn and I tried to eat at Randall's last year, he was open and had customers but said he was now "by appointment only" and turned us away... Haven't tried Sean's Pub yet. We ended up eating at the Mill Street Grille and Brewery. They have some great food, too.

While I'm at it here is a print I made last night from a trip to Buttermilk Falls. It's a 6x6cm exposed with my Rolleiflex T.
"Cairn, Buttermilk Falls"


Or you can view it HERE without the black background. And thanks to Dan for updating my vocabulary. =)