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I'm assuming you're referring only to modest levels of enlargement, Henning. "Fine-grained for its speed" is not the same thing as fine
in the sense Astia 100F was. And you obviously have a radically different definition of what constitutes a crisp print than I do.
It sounds to me like he's talking about projection rather than printing. I don't think there is a reasonable all-analog route from transparency film to a print for most of us.

Astia and Provia 100F are of course very similar (and very low) in grain---online sources say Astia measured at RMS 7, Provia at 8. Obviously the faster Provia 400X is grainier than that, but for a 400 speed film it's quite fine (RMS 11, same as E100VS and a shade finer than RSX II 200), and anyway it's the only E6 film still standing in that speed. So I suppose you can curse the darkness if you like, but then what?