Fuji intelligently offered a choice of three different levels of saturation to cover a range of needs. So it helped to know what each was good
for. But in terms of amateur use, Velvia took off because it looked so snappy on a lightbox or whatever. Printing or scanning it was a different
issue (and still is). And I don't know of any serious color printmaker who personally preferred Velvia for general shooting. It filled a niche, period. Maybe the cutesy honey-and-jam-atop-sugarcube calendar or postcard photographers used it a lot, but not intelligently - it's tricky to reproduce high contrast originals. I really liked Velvia for certain low-contrast lighting. Provia was mid-range, and Astia a little softer and
more neutral. Kodak E100G was mid range, but slightly in the Astia direction. The disappointing sales of Astia were largely due to people not
understanding the difference between how a film looks back-lit (lightbox or projector) and reproduced. Let's hope they market it again!