Having just finished printing my first Classic Polywarmtone Glossy prints, I can say that I am impressed by this paper. While this paper is about 2/3 stop slower then my other paper (Seagull VCFB), it makes up for it in the tonal "presence" that the prints exhibit. I must admit that I was hesitant to try a warmtone paper since it conjured up visions of anemic browns that some warm papers exhibit. I can tell that my fears were unfounded and that this paper has what it takes to print deep luminous blacks and brilliant titillating whites.

I must also share with you the results of my first encounter with J and C Photo. Several weeks ago, I was leaving for Colorado. In checking my film supply, I realized that I really needed to get some more laid in . I had heard glowing reports about the Classic and Efke films and decided to give the folks at J and C a call. Even though I was within four days of departure, I was told that the film would be here in time. Two days before departure, I phoned them and was reassured that the film would be here. Then the day before I left, I got a phone call checking to see if my film had arrived (it had as promised). Needless to say, I was impressed. The results this afternoon have not changed my mind.

As soon as the prints dry I will post them to share what I am raving about. Even though the internet is a lousy place to evaluate a print, perhaps a portion of the quality will show.