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Ironically, the "drinking water" from the same bottling companies is basically tap water which has first been deonized and had the chlorine taste removed, then has certain minerals selectively added. Seem that pure water tastes odd to most people.
Funny you mention this, Drew. Just the other day it occured to me in all the years using either deionized or distilled water from the supermarket to mix photo chemicals, chemistry classes in college, high school etc., I had never tasted it. So after mixing up some chemicals I decided to swig the last bit left in the bottle of steam distilled. Bleah! Turns out while we think of H20 as having no taste, I guess the water I'm used to drinking must have a taste (due to dissolved salts, ions, whatever) so actual pure tasteless H20 tasted terrible. If that makes any sense. It's not only the taste, but the "texture" (? not easy to describe) that was weird. I suppose that could be because the water I'm used to drinking - either tap, or bottled (Evian, Naya, Nestle) is slightly alkaline versus neutral steam distilled.