After my Yashica TL-Electro was stolen in the summer of 1984, I promptly replaced it with a new Pentax ME-Super with the SMC-M 50/1.4. The following December, I was on the beach in Waikiki, the camera in my bag, only to discover the bottle of suntan lotion (they sold that back then) had leaked all over the bag into the camera body. The shutter was completely jammed, but the lens was still good. I detached the lens, used it on other subsequent Pentax bodies and put my ME-Super in a box, occasionally looked at over the years with a degree of sadness over what happened.

Then last week, I came across it. I thought I'd squirt a little Ronsonol inside just for grins and it loosened up! The shutter's still a little slow, so I sent it to Eric Hendrickson for a tune-up. What was once lost has now been found!