I got hold of a Mamiya service manual. Now the spot and average are matched when pointed into my light box. Ran a roll of film through and everything looks good. Happy I was able to get this one working well. Now I will get back to the final tweaks on the Vivitar


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The 1000DTL was my first real camera too--Christmas 1972. The camera came out around 1968 I believe. The difference in construction was that in the earlier versions, the power to the meter was turned on when you push in on the wind lever. The problem was that often the little tang on the contact inside the bottom cover would eventually break off due to metal fatigue. In later models, the meter was on all the time the wind lever was pulled out (like a Nikon or Nikkormat). And to turn it off, you pushed the top button which brought the lever to the inward stowed rest position. You should be able to get a little better accuracy than 1/2 stop. I'd say that 1/4 to 1/3 is possible. I did.