Hello there! My name is Nathan. A fellow photographer and member of our local photography club by the name of Erik Magnuson recommended this website's classifieds for finding my first Medium Format SLR or Rangefinder, so I thought I'd sign up and see what this community was like. I'm only 19 years old, but I've been shooting analog photos for over two years now. I've been shooting with a Yashica-D TLR for Medium Format so far, but I'd like more control. I love 35mm due to it's ease of access and the fact that almost everyone develops color still (I develop my own B+W), but I love the results held with medium format camera's optics.

So far, there isn't any analog work up yet, but I have a website at http://nathanriehlphotography. It's mostly fashion photos and promos I've done for bands and clothing company.

Oh, and I'm big on Polaroid cameras if any of you have questions for me. I own several 100 series, SX-70, and 600 series cameras and have used them excessively.