I may be going about this the wrong way, which has taken me the EBAY route trying to dig up the cheapest way to get a lens and shutter in front of an 8x10 camera. Problem is, there's not much out there for a cheapskate. My intent is to put together a junk 8x10 camera on a tripid and have a usable lens and shutter in front of it, for the purpose of using up some old printing paper as negative material. I refuse to pile money I don't have to spend on this whim. A whim to go out in the country from time to time and get away from these worries. But boo-hoo for me. Between the mortgage, health insurance.... nevermind. My photography desires stick in my mind in these toils. It might even be fund getting out tin the country daylight and make some chicken salad out a of chicken $#!+ 8X10 assembly. But I refuse to do pinhole. I'll live with paper negatives, but I refuse to deal with that AND pinhole.