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I like 9x12 a lot, but it's been a challenge to get film and holders. I ordered some Fomapan 200 from Macodirect, but they sent the wrong film and it's taking a lot of time and effort to get that sorted out. The Linhof holders I just got off of ebay were rusty and crusty inside--so another project at hand. The camera is the perfect size for a reflex and an enormous pleasure to take out shooting. It was a lucky find and well worth the extra effort of getting the film and holders. The only problem is, it has me searching for another Curt Bentzin camera or a Mentor reflex.
Best place for holders is German ebay.de just remember login details are the same for all ebays it's a common database. I've just let 4 good Linhof style holders and a nice dual format Rollex back go for the cost of similar but to fit my own 9x12 cameras. Surprisingly even the worst rust seems to clean of easily from these plate holders. The APUG sponsor Fomafoto is the best source for 9x12 film, very fast.

Yes these old Reflex cameras are rather addictive, I seem to have gone from 1 to 5 in 6 months, 2 6x9's - an Ensign Speed Film Relflex, and a Thornton Pickard Ruby, two Quarter plate Dallmeyer Press (Ensign rebadged) and TP Ruby, plus the postcard sized Compact Graflex