After reading the giant thread 'A real formula' with PE in the Forum: Silver Gelatin Based Emulsion Making & Coating, I'm a little confused.
There are lots of hints ond advices for dyes to create an emulsion with superpanchromatic or, at least, expanded red or infrared sensivity. But these formulas are all just for dry plates.

My collodion plates are just sensitive to blue light.
After production of Kodak HIE was stopped and there was no other real infrared film material on the market anymore (forget Rollei and SPX, just 700nm / EFKE and Konica stopped production) there is no chance to continue real infrared photography.
So I just wanted to try some dyes to expand/shift sensitivity up to 800 or more nm with collodion wet plates.

The wet collodion process is devided in two parts.
1. The collodion
2. Sensibilization in silver nitrate sol.

Where, when, how and how much do I have to add the Neocyanine or the 3,3'-Diethyloxatricarbocyanine iodide.
Do I have to change the developer (iron(II) sulfate), then?
How about fixing, then? Any experience?

...and sorry about my horrable English!