I have an old Rolleicord w/ Triotar lens. It takes wonderful photos, and I prefer it to the Xenar lensed cameras I've owned actually. But after looking through some old negs, I must say the 3.5E3 I once owned w/ a Planar was really, really good. The Xenotar I owned was sharper, but I liked the shots from the Planar more. Problem is, I don't want to carry a Rolleiflex, as the Rolleicord is just so much lighter and simpler. Assuming that I can find a reasonably priced user Rolleiflex w/ a Planar or Xenotar lens, can I simply unscrew the elements and put them into my 'cord? You would think the film to lens distance would be the same, but you never know, I've been fooled before. My idea of putting the elements from an Autocord into the Rolleicord went well, but focus was very limited due film to lens distance differences.