Good morning! By way of introduction, I'm back to photography after a good while. I learned darkroom mechanics when I was younger and took slides for art back in the day, but now I'm pursuing street type photography to shake up my aesthetics and hopefully get some pretty images made. So basically, I'm happy to count myself as a rank amature and ask extremely stupid questions!
So anyway, a couple rolls now I've got shots which I clearly remember composing, and am really looking forward to printing, but when I hang up the film I look for them, then that's not what I shot! My subject is there but not in the way I put it together. I know that I can fix this by cropping in the darkroom, but composing in camera is like one of those basic skills I need...
i can think of a few reasons I'm messing these up and was hoping for some tips.
1. Haste, shooting in public is still fairly new to me and I'm getting tunnel vision on my subject maybe?
2. Glasses, I wear them and they do set my eye back enough that I'm not getting things framed perfectly?
3. To borrow from another shooting activity... Jerking the trigger? Again in my haste am I not paying enough attention to sight picture and release and pulling the camera?
This is happening on both my slr and my rangefinder (don't worry, both film! I've never owned a legit digital camera) so I cant blame it on parallax.
Practice I know will be the biggie, but with the delayed gratification between exposure and dev, it's hard to reinforce those skills, so tips would be greatly appreciated!