I was having dinner one day when I saw the light effect coming through the glass of our front door leading to the street -- I had an idea to take a silhouette of African Figures I bought in Kenya in 1984 when I went on a Pentax Club trip. The plant was already there on the stand in the hallway: I rushed and got my trusty PENTAX 6x7 Mk I loaded with some 2002 outdated Fuji RMS film and then had a brain-wave to get a COKIN Red Centre=Spot filter from a set I won in the Pentax Magazine -- I used the 200mm f4 SMC Takumar lens for the perspective ... I sent it off to teh 'KENKO International Filter Competition' and won a prize !! A package arrived all the way from Japan and inside was a nice Camera Gadget bag with all pockets and things !

African by pentaxpete, on Flickr