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Werramatic from the early 60's
Hi Richard : well I was given a 'Werramatic' 1966 by a gent who saw me using one of my 'Old Cameras' and asked if I was interested in some free gear so I went over to Hornchurch ( Essex) with my Boy and the gent pulled out a very dusty box which came from a deceased Camera Club member -- I was scared at all the DUST as I know my WIFE would give me a right telling off if she saw it BUT on inspection there was lots of PRAKTICAS in bits, an old BRAUN HOBBY electronic flash from the late 1950's -'60's and further down a brown camera case which on opening contained a very CLEAN Werramatic !! Well, I cleaned up the Braun Flash and plugged it into the mains electric with my Braun lead as I have several of those units and it WORKED -- here is MY Werramatic ---

Werramatic by pentaxpete, on Flickr