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While not disagreeing remember that Kodak themselves don't actually specifical recommend using Distilled or Deionised water with Xtol in their Data-sheet...
In my opinion, Kodak's lawyers have been vastly more competent than its executive management over the course of recent decades. Adding an "avoid iron" recommendation to the XTOL data sheet would have opened the company to liability for all the "dreaded XTOL failure" losses incurred by users of the product. Much easier to blame (and discontinue) the one liter packages.

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...Traces of Iron will cause severe problems with fixers where the Iron and Thiosulphate form a fast acting bleach...
I dilute TF-4 fixer stock with distilled water too.

The advantage to our alkaline and rather hard tap water here is that it is very effective at washing. A final Photo-Flo film rinse gets mixed with distilled.