Folks -
I'm selling a Polaroid 110b conversion camera - essentially a 4x5 Leica (not a bad analogy considering the flawless Rodenstock lens on this one).
It's been converted to have a ground glass back and take regular 4x5 film holders. Excellent condition - paint unchipped, lens is flawless and dust/grease free. One nice design element is that the lens cap is a built-in pinhole, so you can make LF pinhole photographs, too.

Included is 2 film holders, an original Polaroid neutral-density filter, a CD with instructions on adjusting the rangefinder (if the need arises in future), original camera instruction manual and it all comes with an original (quite good condition) spiffy leather case.
The rangefinder is accurate and bright & clear - the camera is overall in marvellous condition. I can also include an unopened (and expired but always refridgerated) box of Ilford FP4+ so you basically are ready to go.

I'm asking $800 plus shipping for this. Cheque, bank draft or money order GREATLY preferred. I'd be happy to answer any questions - please PM me or email at colin (dot) corneau at gee mail, dot com.