I have a Lee Filter Kit I would like to sell. It comes with a foundation kit with slots for three filters, five adapter rings and 23 filters. A breakdown follows: Lee foundation kit; five adapter rings—62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm; eight filter holder wallets (2 Lee, 2 Calumet, 1 Tiffen, 2 Gara, 1 Visual Plus); 23 filters, most of which are 100x100mm size unless otherwise noted.

Filters: Tiffen Polarizer (glass), Tiffen SoftFX#2 (glass), Tiffen SoftFX#5 (glass), 85B, 85C, 81A, 81B, 82A, CC10Red, CC25Magenta, CC10Magenta, CC10Yellow, Fog1, 12Deep Yellow, 11Yellow Green, 16Yellow Orange, 25Red, 44A Blue(cheap gel), Singh Ray Color Intensifier, .9 Neutral Density, .9 Neutral Density Lee Pro Glass, .6 Neutral Density Soft Grad (100x150mm), .6 Neutral Density Soft Grad (100x125mm).

All the items listed are in excellent shape. The foundation does not come with original packaging or the accessory screwdriver. The 82mm adapter ring is metal construction, while the other four are plastic construction. The glass filters have been noted in the description...the rest are the standard, hard resin filters. There is one that is a gel in a cardboard frame, also noted in description. What you see in the photo is exactly what is included. I’d like to sell this kit as a unit…please email or pm me with any questions. The price is $900 plus $20 for shipping anywhere in the U.S.

leefilters.jpg lee-filtersetup.jpg