So I have finally come to the conclusion that TLRs just aren't my thing. I want to love them, but I just don't like using them as much as I thought I would. This set was used recently and everything works fine except the 55mm lens gets sticky at 1/8 and below. The rest of the shutter speeds all seem fine and wow, the pictures are almost painfully sharp from this lens. The grip is missing a screw in the bottom, so you will need something to fit there. The wlf is nice and bright. I didn't show it in the pics, but the magnifier is there and works fine. The body of the C3 has some scuffs and marks, but it is a respectable looking old camera I would consider trades/partial trades for lith-friendly fb paper, Fuji Acros in 120, or mamiya m645 2x teleconverter or maybe something cool, haha.

$275 + actual shipping from here in Maine