I love the space, I just don't presently have much time in my life to use it much. Between my elderly mom, and my active tweens, along with everyday things like housework and the day job, me time to dive into the darkroom and not feel rushed is in short supply at the moment.

We have been reviewing our financial plans, and have just had my conservative presumptions and projections independently confirmed.
It presntly looks like we are on track to maintain our currently comfortable to us lifestyle with me stepping away from working full time in another 5years, and then ramp down to nothing if I feel like it after another 6 years when my wife is ready to retire.

Todd B has been by my place 6 or more years ago, to buy some wash test solution I had mixed. up.
He knows that I have lots of space to nest in the dark, and lots of gear to fill it, and the rooms next to it.