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No, they're a corporation that knows their cost structure. If they can't economically produce the kits in smaller quantities (because they're tooled up to produce 10,000L per batch), why should they do so? They're not a public service or regulated utility.

When there's a mismatch between market demand and production capability (the two pricing curves don't intersect anywhere), the market doesn't close and nothing is sold. The corporation is not "unrealistic", what is unrealistic is the expectation that they should sell you the product you want at the price & quantity you dictate.
Why should they sell the chemicals to process the films they already export? why shouldn't they?

the 5 liter kits are already produced and sold, just not here in the states. Put them on a pallet, put in a shipping container, put on a boat.
when I was trying to convince them to sell 4x5 instant b+w film here, it was the same b.s. and months of delays til it did end up for sale here.