Jose, this is an opportunity for you to become the sole distributor for a variety of analogue products for Mexico. I'm sure you are not the only in the whole of Mexico one searching for these materials. I believe in diversifying (to a degree) and this may prove to be a little niech market for you and ensure you get cheaper materials for yourself. A win-win situation. I'd start by researching the target market and contacting some of the suppliers which in turn may give them a little boost in confidence and get the wheel turning, to increase production, securing us 'dinosaurs'. Make sure you are always speaking to the right people when dealing with suppliers! It's easy to get disheartened and pushed aside. That's what happens when you deal with people that are either having a bad day, have preconceived ideas without prior knowledge that can be of great influence (unfortunately), or ...
So, instead of getting upset about no suppliers, grab the window of opportunity - if you are interested in the survival of the dinosaur.
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Bad news for Mexico, unless I'm wrong, what I hope, Kodak is the only one company in this country that has a production and distribution of analog photographic products. The rest, or are focus in mass consumer products, or work through third party distributors. The case of Ilford, after the "financial corrections", there is no distribuitor here.